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Class Details (Winter 2023)

Dance plus Tumble/Acro

Rimforest Dance Studio (Thursdays):

Ballet, Tap & Tumble: Ages 3.5-5 yrs (3:30pm) 
Ballet, Tap/Jazz & Acro Dance: Ages 6-9 years (4:30pm)
DanceSport (Competitive Dance):
Ages 9+ years (5:15pm)

LGECC Dance Studio (Fridays):

Ballet, Tap & Tumble: Ages 3.5-5 years (3:15pm)
Ballet, Tap/Jazz & Acro Dance: Ages 6-9 years (4:00pm)
Lyrical, Acro & Broadway Jazz Dance: Ages 10+ years (4:45pm)
DanceSport (Competitive Dance): Ages 9+ years (5:45pm)

Participants will have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of popular dance genres through this beginning-level program. Combo dance incorporates a results-driven ballet-based curriculum through a variety of teaching aids and incentives to engage young students in learning new movements and skills while reinforcing proper technique through barre exercises, center and across-the-floor combinations and choreographed ballet, tap and jazz routines. Acro and Musical Theater dance students will learn fun, upbeat (age-appropriate) combinations, moves and dance routines to popular (clean) dance songs through a variety of beginning-level steps and movements. ​The tumbling portion will teach students basic skills including variations of rolls, cartwheels, walkovers, handstands and bridges, etc. Our preteen and teen students will learn contemporary dance techniques (jazz, ballet, modern dance elements) with lyrical movements (expression of emotion and storytelling) in the Contemporary/Lyrical dance class. Programs assist with posture, self-confidence, artistic expression, strength, flexibility, and musicality.

Waitlisted Programs
Creative Movement & Pre-Ballet (2.5-3.5 yrs)
Ballet Dancers
​Tumbling Classes
(Gymnastics with an emphasis on floor skills
plus pre-vaulting, beam, and bar)

Lake Gregory Educational Center (Gym) 

3:15pm - 4:00pm: Ages 3.5-6 yrs

4:00pm - 4:45pm: Ages 7-12 yrs

4:45pm - 5:30pm: Ages 5-9 yrs


This elite mountain recreation program offers pre-beginner to intermediate-level students the opportunity to learn a variety of tumbling, artistic, acrobatic and rhythmic skills both affordably and locally. Correct vocabulary, etiquette and execution of skills are taught in a fun and positive yet structured and safe manner that encourages self-confidence, agility, balance, coordination, strength and flexibility. Modern teaching aids, new equipment, floor or air tumble-track mats and apparatus are utilized to assist students to master a variety of skills. Classes begin with a warm-up then stretch exercises and progress to balance skills followed by technique instruction. This program emphasizes tumbling (floors) skills (rolls, cartwheels, walkovers, handsprings, power tumbling etc.) but also includes apparatus instruction (beam, parallel/uneven bars, etc.) Coaches are certified through the AAU’s Positive Coaching Alliance and the USAG’s Safe Sport Program.

Waitlisted Programs

Tumble Tots (Pre-school gymnastics)

Tumbling: Running Springs, Rimforest, Twin Peaks

​Cheer & Tumbling Classes
Cheer & Tumbling Skills Spring-Summer Clinic

Cheer FUNdamentals & Tumbling Clinic I 

This clinic is ideal for those interested in learning the basics of cheer for fun or who are interested in joining a local cheer program. “Cheer FUNdamentals & Tumbling Clinic I” will introduce your child to all the fundamental skills used in the cheerleading world through a variety of cheers, jumps, tumbling, stunting, dances, and more to better prepare them for all that the sport offers. This clinic is open to all abilities, from entry to intermediate levels, and aims to create well-rounded athletes capable of achieving success from recreational to competitive/performance levels. This clinic is a good starting place for students interested in trying out the sport, have some experience and want to improve their skills, or want to diversify their athletic interests. Cheer FUNdamentals & Tumbling Clinic II (ages 7+) will be offered in the summer session and continues where this clinic leaves off.


Cheer FUNdamentals & Tumbling Clinic II

Where Cheer FUNdamentals & Tumbling Clinic I left off, Clinic II picks up. Along with learning longer and more intricate cheers and dance routines, your child will also get stronger and learn more challenging stunts and tumbling passes. For individuals who have finished the first clinic or have cheerleading experience and wish to learn new techniques, brush up on old ones, or get ready for the upcoming cheer season, this workshop is perfect.


Twin Peaks Community Center

5:00-5:45 Cheer FUNdamentals & Tumbling Clinic I -Youth (AGES 4.5-7 yrs)  - NEW!

5:45-6:30 Cheer FUNdamentals & Tumbling Clinic I - Junior (AGES 8+ yrs) – NEW!

Taliah- Lyra.jpg
Twin Peaks Community Center

Aerial Hammock (1A)
Fundamentals/Introductory class
Recommended for: All beginning level and younger students

Ages 6+ years
Thursdays 4

Aerial Hammock (1B)

Beginning class
Recommended for: Slightly older/beginning-level students who have graduated from Aerial Hammock 1A with 6 months-2 years of exp.
Ages 8+ years
Thursdays 5:15pm 

Aerial Hammock (1C
)/Silks 1A
Intermediate aerial hammock class and beginning-level silks
Recommended for: Slightly older/intermediate-level students who have graduated from Aerial Hammock 1B with 2+ years of exp.
Ages 10+ years
Thursdays 6:00

Participants will learn the fundamentals through intermediate levels of aerial hammock (silks for level 2+) through a combination of poses, transitions, yoga flows, cirque poses and sequences that emphasize safety and body awareness while assisting with upper body strength, agility and flexibility. As students progress, they will experience the benefits of anti-gravity aerial hammock fitness through a series of progressive techniques that include wraps, holds, poses, climbs, lifts, spins and inversions that lengthen, strengthen and realign the body. Aerial Silks will also be introduced to more advanced students. Teachers are approved VaihAyasa-Based Aerial Fitness Instructors and have completed the Aerial Fitness & Safety Course and the Aerial Fitness B2C Certification Courses for Aerial Fitness 1 & 2 and Bungee Fitness. 

Waitlisted Programs:
Bungee & Hammock
Bungee Fitness
Stretch Hammock
Teen/Adult Hammock
Rhythmic Gymnastics 
(or Rhythmic Gymnastics/Aerial Hammock Combo Class)
Twin Peaks Community Center

Rhythmic Gymnastics/Aerial HammockTuesdays 3:30-4:15pm (Ages 5+)
Rhythmic Gymnastics:
 Tuesdays 4:00-4:45pm (Ages 5-9)

Rhythmic Gymnastics is a competitive and recreational sport that combines elements of ballet, gymnastics, dance, and apparatus manipulation. Apparatuses include Hoop, Rope, Ball, Clubs and Ribbon. Students will learn skills and routines choreographed to music and accompanied by one of the five apparatuses: rope, hoop, ball, clubs, and ribbon. If you are looking for your child to grow as a dancer, gymnast or simply gain flexibility this is a perfect sport. Those interested in joining the competitive team (practices begin Sept) should register for the summer pre-competitive class to master the required skills.

Comp Photo.jpg
Competition Dance & Competitive Gymnastics




Our competition teams are made up of selected dancers and gymnasts. Email us if you are interested in becoming a part of one or both of our teams, signing up for auditions, or learning more about our audition process.

Competition teams are a great way to take your dance and/or gymnastics training to the next level, gain performance experience, and have the opportunity to make new friends as part of the team. Requirements vary depending on what team you are placed on.
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